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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has been functioning from the inception of the university in 1995.

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To be a center of excellence in higher education, research and dissemination of knowledge in the Social Sciences & Humanities.

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To train and produce high quality graduates equipped with competence and skills required to meet and respond to diverse demands and needs in the socio-economic development of the national and global environment ensuring excellence of education in social sciences and humanities.

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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has been an integral part of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka since…

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Apart from the lecture Halls, the faculty has the facilities to conduct Practical sessions and provide practical training in…

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Undergraduate degrees offered by the faculty: Bachelor of Arts Degree program (SLQF level5 -three years) Bachelor of Arts (Honors)…

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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has been an integral part of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka since its inception in 1995. With a proud history of more than two decades, the faculty has established itself as a hub of knowledge and exploration in social sciences and humanities. Currently, the faculty is housed in a dedicated building near the University Playground, providing a conducive environment for learning and research.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities consists of eight departments, each focusing on a specific study area. These departments offer various courses and programs catering to our student’s diverse interests and academic aspirations. Currently, the faculty has a population of approximately 2100, with an intake of 520 students in the most recent academic year.

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Our Departments


I warmly welcome all who have entered the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka to pursue your bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. As the Dean of the faculty, it is my privilege to convey my message as you embark on this exciting academic journey. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is committed to providing a high-quality university education that will equip you with the necessary and brilliant knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities to excel in your chosen field. We have undertaken a comprehensive revision of the curriculum, considering the dynamic nature of our society and the demands of the globalized world. Under the new curriculum, all students who are pursuing BA and BA Hons degree programs and can follow a 6- month internship before graduation. This internship is designed to provide valuable practical exposure and enhance your understanding of real-world applications within your field of study.

I am proud to mention that the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities currently has a well-qualified academic staff including professors with innovative research experiences. They all dedicate their time and knowledge for you. They are not only experts in their respective fields but individuals with strong and innovative fashion to teach and research also. Their expertise and dedication will provide a stimulating and enriching learning experience. In addition to academic excellence, we believe in holistic development. We strongly encourage you to actively participate in co-curricular activities, student clubs, and community service projects. These experiences will enhance your leadership and teamwork skills and provide a well-rounded education beyond the classroom.

Prof. E.M.S. Ekanayake (Dean)









Academic Staff

Academics News

26 March
Prof. D.T. Mendis Appointed Director General of Department of Archeology

In a significant announcement on the 14th of March 2024, our esteemed faculty dean, Prof. D.T. Mendis,…